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Ca. 1965 / 1966 Joachim Kossmann at the age of about 10 years:
Fortunately you can only see but not hear me...

The photos are misleading. Whe I started to learn to pla a piano at the age of 9 years, it wasn´t a fun for me. My piano -teacher, Mrs. Ruediger, always critized I would to beat too strong on the keys. That has ever been a problem for me. Even today I ´m thinking that my guitar is too light. I can handle better wth heavier things.
And so I could never develope a right positive attitude for playing a piano and I demanded to give up the piano - lessons because of the very dangerous fighting - dog of my music - teacher, which was so harmless like a little bird in reality, three years later.

...but my bad luck should kept on.
I attended the very honest Gymnasium (boy´s college) Wanne - Eickel since eastern 1965.
We got a very authoritarian music - teacher. whose name I do not want to say in his own interest, who was well known to be a real bogyman. He killed my very last rest of fun to make music.

And so the career of a new Johnny Cash or Garth Brooks was filibustered. The fate was not good to me...

...but music should attended my life - the only thing was, that I intended to make own music never again.


...but you should never sy "never".
A good female follow who I had accompained to karaoke - events for years told me to enter the karaoke stage.
And so I intended to overcom my problems tow years later at Sept. 1st, 2002. My first scene should take place at the kermis of Haan (between Wuppertal and Duesseldorf, where nobody knows me). The first scene failied totally, but the ice was broken.
I applied to the music - school of Herne at the very next day. At first I had to ask to the way to the school.






The musik - school of Herne , a honest building from the Kaiser´s time.

Joe Doll

Doch schon rasch merkte ich, daß mein hervorragendes Talent allein nicht ganz ausreichen würde, die große Karriere zu machen.
Ich habe zwar einen äußerst kräftigen Bizeps, aber kein besonders lautstarkes Organ. Wahrscheinlich brauchte ich das auch nie, weil ich schon immer durch mein äußeres, sehr imposantes Erscheinungsbild meinen Mitmenschen genügend Respekt einflößen konnte.
Ich freute mich über jede einzelne Unterrichtsstunde. Nun, nicht immer hat es 100 %ig geklappt, aber die Fortschritte lassen sich nicht verleugnen.
Nun entschloß ich mich, meine geniale journalistische Begabung auch für die Musik einzusetzen. Mrs. Poulson aus Wisconsin / USA hatte mich auf die Idee gebracht eine Tourismus Website über das Ruhrgebiet in´s Netz zu stellen, und dazu textete ich passende Ruhrgebiets - Countrysongs.

Mein Musiklehrer Joe Doll aus Oberhausen komponierte dazu die Musik.

Joachim Kossmann

Now, the way to the Grand Old Opery Nashville Tennessee is very long. But if you do not make the first step, you will never reach your aim.
But already half a year after my very first scene at Haan´s kermis the tv - station PRO7 transmitted my self - produced scene in March 2003. I sang "ON THE ROAD AGAIN". Surely my singing was not really perfect at that time, but I didn´t accepted only a simple threat of murder.
THe opposite was the case. The fiscal office respected my musical ambitions and so I must pay purchase taxes from my earned money.
But now the time has come, and my very girst own songs are recorded. First there are some technical problems to be solved, till songs will be able to published on this website, because it´s clear that I ´ve to earn money with the music.
But I ´m not a star still today. Book me till you can pay foor it!

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The lyrics of my songs:
(...will be published at this place soon, when the legal protection will be guarantated)
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