The Wild West of Germany

We were the wild west of Germany,
The land of coal and steal at Rhine and Ruhr,
The air was dirty and the nature ´s pure,
But´s or country, that´s sure!

Hard working man mind the black gold,
Bringing forward the fortune of the land,
Nobody was left out in the cold,
Miners held together hand by hand.

Stacks of steal mills filled the air with smoke,
Fires of coke - ovens lighted up the nights,
Steam engines smoked till the new day awoke,
Winding towers lifted coal up to the light.

We were...

First tram cars rumbled in the streets,
Gas lamps turned night into day,
The industrial life never never sleeps,
But joy of life didn´t saty away.

Miners loved animals and the nature,
Breeding of pigeons and rabbits is their sport,
Miners were the purest soccer fans of all,
That was our little big world!

We were...

We were...