The Rosebud of my Love

It´s could to be alone
I haven´t got a heart of stone
And can´t get more than enough
You ´re the rosebud of my love.

Mon amour, my sweet heart, my darling
My lonely heart is beating so lively
You ´re so sweat and charming
Come to me and we ´ll be happy.

Lonely nights and days are passée
We belong together and ´ll go our way
You ´re the sence of my life
Let´s marry and be my wife!

It ´s could...

Mon amour, my sweat heart, my darling
I desire your softness
Your hair is golden and you ´re so charming
You ´ll be the core of our happiness

You ´re the light of dark nights
You ´re the hope of my future
Everything ´ll become allrigt
We belong together our love is captured.

It ´s cold...

It ´s cold...

Copyright 2004 by Joachim Koßmann