The Mighty Heart of Europe

The early morning light breaks the romantic moonshine night,
The sky is blue, and the sun shines bright,
Green grasslands, dorn - fields and forests surprise,
Parks, castles and clean nice towns invite.

The mighty heart of Europe is beating very strong,
The time of coal and steal is gone,
There´s the new old spirit of the Ruhr,
We´r proud and self - sure.

And so we built up the new Ruhr - district,
High tech industries replaced the old coal pits,
Colleges were founded to train specialists,
We ´re powerful and optimists.

Modern highways and railroads cross the land,
Subways are running in the cities,
The rush will never end,
The largest village of the world is whopee.

The mighty heart...

The mighty Rhine has got a smell of the wide world,
Ship by ship diesel up and down the stream,
The feeling of wideness and freedom is extreme,
Sit down at the riverside and dream.

You´ve never seen the palmes of Hawaii,
You´ve never admired the Golden Gate of Frisco bay,
You heave a sigh and want to say "good bye",
You want, but you can´t go away.

Cause our heart is beating for the Ruhr - district,
We don´t miss the old coal pits,
There´s the new old spirit of the Ruhr,
We ´re proud and self - sure.

Cause our heart....