Tne American dream

We ´ve got power for a new life
We ´re strong and want to strive
Let´s go on board, the ship will drive
Let´s cross the ocean till we ´ll arrive.

Goodbye my dear old Europe
We ´ll never see us again
We love you, you may believe it
But we want to live as free men.

America is vast and wide
It´s made for opulence and freedom
America is the land of human rights
It´s the challange for our new life.

Bandage and misery should be forgotten
We don´t want nobility and tyranny
We ´re good fellows at bottom
We want peace and liberty.

Goodbye my...

There ´s no paradise on earth
We ´ve to work for our new life
But we ´ll do it ´cause it ´s worth
And it´s sure we ´ll strive!

We ´ll built houses and found towns
We ´ll till the land and raise cows
We ´ll stand together there ´s no doubt
And America ´ll become the greatest nation of the world!

Goodbye my...

Goodbye my...

Copyright 2004 by Joachim Koßmann