New land, new hope!

Poland was poor and not free
The land lived under a tyranny
A lot of Poles wanted to go away
Searching for a new land to stay.

Go west to Rhine and Ruhr
Take your chance it´s your matter
´Cause Poland is poor
And life shall become better!

The world was big and wide
Poles were strucked up with the Ameruican dream
But not far away the German boom applied
Men were wanted to work at full steam.

Stone coal was waiting to be mined
Germany needed energy to foster trade
Young men don´t stay behind
Let´s go and don´t wait!

Go west...

The industry shall prosper
Polish help was needed
To make the land greater
And so we all succeded.

Go west...

Go west...


Copyright 2004 by Joachim Koßmann