The story of my extreme - overweight

When I published my first book "How i los half of my body - weight without being on a diet" in 1999, I became well - known for people.
Meanwhile diets are under a cloud with reason, but maybe I ´ve been one of the first man who developed useful and senseful alternative solutions.
:::but perhaps it will be better if you have a look at the following pictures of my life:

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Already before I had been born at June 26th, 1955 my mother and her doctor noticed my very strong legs. But the doctor´s prophecy shouldn´t become true.

Left photo from 1956, right photo from 1957






At first my development was quiet normal.

At the pictures you can clearly notice my athletic body - structure.

Photos from the year 1966 to 1968, from the 10th to the 13th year of living.

But slowly but surely my body - weight became a clear evident problem. At the age of 14 years I got 124 kg ( 275 LBS).
But I didn´t still suffer. I became familar with the over - weight during the time and I still didn´t intended to loose weight.
Pictures pf the early 70ths, I was between 15 and 17 years old.



But I changed my mind since 1972 because the overweight became a serious emotional problem. I didn´t feel well in my body any longer.

But I never had healthy problems.

Pictures of 1972 and 1974, I was 17 and 19 years old.

Now I intended to loose weigt - as fast and so much as possible....

...but the consequences should be terrific!

Then I was being on ca. 150 to 170 different diets between 1972 and 1985, and all of the diets failed! Meanwhile my body - weight rose because of the so called jojo - effect of the diets from ca. 150 kg
(330 LBS) in the year of 1975 to ca. 180 kg (400 LBS) till 1978.

In the year of 1977 I didn´t had clothes to fit me. I retired into obscurity and developed a strong shyness and I was very unhappy. Mountains of sweet foods became my only comfort...

This famous picture from 1984 should have been published in the well know daily newspaper BILD ZEITUNG in a circulation of 1, 2 million. But the situation wasn´t funny at all. I was very often disturbed and missed any hopes for my life in future. Since now I didn´t was on new diets. Nobody could help me. I made nothing for years...

Grandma Auguste 41 kg (90 LBS) and I 198 kg (435 LBS).

My body weight rose only a little in the years till 1987 until my 32nd year of living. At the pictures above you can see me with my highest weight of 206 kg (455 LBS) in the middle of the year 1987.

My stature of body makes 1,87 m (6 feet 3 inches). At the waist I presented 1,72 m (5 feet 9 inches). The lenght of the belt I ´m holding in my hands at the left photo was 1,35 m (4 feet 6 inches) long.

Now, how can one be hopeful during such a situation? I have ever always want to loose weight, but I had never found the right way.

Surely, there were other people who had been already succesful - I used to collect articles of the newspaper. Men let diminish their stomach or were on extremely diets for months. A women from England got her mouth pflastered with gypsum, so that she could only consume liquids. But I didn´t want to suffer tortures of such a kind.

But now my following reflection should be very simple: I kept book about my nutrition since 1978 and so I knew that I usually consume about 6.000 kcal per day. But thereby my body weight rose only a littele. That means that the demand of energy of my body was very hight. That showed me that I can loose body weigh, if I consume foods like "normal people". I startet at July 1st, 1987!


From my 32nd to the 35th year of living:
The magnifical lossing of weight

The awful pictures of my extreme overweight were still present, but succes rose up and after a year passed by I could wear normal ready - made clothes.
I felt very well phsically, the loosing of weight didn´t suffer my body and I felt very well emotionally.

But I wanted to reach more...

Photos of 1989: My body weight reached slowly the 100 kg (220 LBS) mark.

An old dream came true: I locked really very well.

But there was a but in the case...

...because of the enormous loose of weight my body hag been fallen in like a balloon which lost the air.
The skin couldn´t enough deminish itself, because the waist of my body was now about 70 cm (2 feet and 4 inches) smaller than ad former times!
Everywhere, at the arms, the legs and especially at the balley gigantic sacks of skin had been formed and of course they waited to fill themselves with new fad.
I made the mistake to renounce sport. But I ´ve training hardcore - bodybuilding since 1998 to fill the sacks of skin at the arms, the legs and the back with muscle - tissue. But the mighty sack of skin at the balley I have to get away by an operation in the middle of 2003. There are not any alternatives... I will report about this operation.
NAKED PHOTOS OF ME FROM THE MIDDLE OF 1990 WITH A BODY WEIGHT OF 96 KG (210 LBS). Did I suffered at under weight at that time?


A new photo from grandma Auguste, mother Ilse and me from 1991.

Surely I ´m not a twiggy type, and that´s well for a man. But I missed to make my plan perfect and didn´t let to put away the sack of skin at my balley, but I feared the operation.
Otherwise I mistrustes doctor who had given me the advice to absolutely sensles diets.

In former times, when I suffered about my extreme overweight, I imagined living without iverweight should be relatively easy. But now there came other problems rising up. I couldn´t make a normal professional training because of my overweight and had to give up my studies at the university. If you are elder than 35 years, it will be very difficult to find a professional start. The unfortunately back and forth in different branches and the death of mother and grandma in 1993 suffered me. And now my appetite rose again...


I think it is urgend to be honest and so I don´t keep back this pictures from you.

In the following years there were again and again new crisis because of techincal caused by the rested sack of skin and emotional caused by my unsure professional and private situation.


Care about good conditions of living in every kind! A lot of worry is superflous in fact!
...and go on sports!

But crisis can be overcome...

I didn´t repeat the old mistake to fall into panic, because I knew that my method was all right.

To keep calm was my first duty and I had to normalize my nutrition by consequence.

But I can´t reach a weight below 100 kg (220 LBS) any more, but this is not necessary at all because of the athletic structure of my body.
Photos of 1994, 1996 and a ten year older photo in order to compare. I wear the same red shirt on these photos.
You can notice the difference!

The final solution is rising up!

Photos of 1996 and 1998, I was 41 and relatively 43 years old.

Now, I gave up my old plan to reach a most possible low body weight

I intended to reconstruct my body totally by doing very strong sport..

Only than I can be sure to get no more new problems about overweight in my life.

I knew that I needed for many years a very hard training.

At the end of august 1998 I started my training in a fitnesstudio in Bochum.
It was hard to begin, the upper part of my body had been untrainend for dekades, but I felt the success.
8 1/2 months passed by and than I had to leave the fitnesstudio. The boss said I need a real hardcore studio.

Sport became very fast the sense of my life.

It´s a pitty that I hadn´t started 25 years before. My mighty legs the wide shoulders and the good average stature of 187 cm
(6 feet and 3 inches) could otherwise make a carreer at the profi bodybuilding possible.

Photo: Warming up training with 300 kg (660 LBS) - overweight trains the legs very well.

My size: 75 cm (2 1/2 feet) wide of my upper legs and 44 cm
(1 1/2 feet) at the under legs, only pure tissue of muscles.

Even today I ´m a fan of my training as well as it was I started. Sport became a physical and emotional basic - requirement like eating and drinking. But It will remain a lot thins to be done. The part of my body - fad was at all 30 % in the middle of 2002 - surely still too much.






Pictures from august 2002, I was 47 years old.

But pictures like this one of the year 1978 will forewer belong to the past time of my life. I will never watching tv senseless for hours and hours.
Ich müßte sterben, wenn ich heute so leben müßte wie damals.

I have learnt a lot of things, but it´s a pitty that I needed such a long time.

This is my very first book I published in 1999.

I beg my pardon, but the book is at the time only available in German language.

If you can understand the German language please click to the German text!

Thank you!

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