My curriculum vitae

I was born on June 26th, 1955 in Wanne - Eickel in the industrial region of the river Ruhr in West - Germany. It was on a very hot sunday evening, when a great thunder and lightnung took place. This matter should become significant for my later life...
I ´m a member of the first generation of the Germans who never got to know the meaning of hunger und suffer. I can remember myself on the last destroyded houses in our section, but the famous West German boom had already been started.
But people were not happy at that time. You can often read something about the fear of a nuclear war, if you read the old diaries of our mother.




Here you can see my parental home after its rebuilding in the early 50ths.
The generation of my parents was very industrious and accomplished the reconstruction of the country.


Remembering the 50ths and 60ths:

At the time of my youth a lot of coal mines still worked. But the cheap oil ruined the expensive German coal at the beginning of the 60ths. The region at the river Ruhr became clean since them. At former times the region was called "coal - pot" by people, but the Ruhr had lost a lso its old charme.
You can see an old Borgward Isabella at the photo in the middle. This car is a famous cult - car today, not only in Germany - there are also Borgward - fans in the USA.
About 70 mighty steam locomotives were still stationed at Wanne - Eickel main railroad station in 1973. I often looked at the impressiv black monsters at the railroad embankments. The fascination of this engines is really unbroken till today.

Times got to become better and the pictures became colored.

Here you can see our first motor - car and our first tv - set on photos of the year 1957.





At the photo on the left side you can see my mother and me at the age of 6 years.

My little sister died unfortunately when she was 18 months old.



The economical boom of the 50ths allowed my parents to build a second house.

Photo from 1962



I attended the catholic St. Marien - grade school in Wanne - Eickel for the time of four years.

The education was authoritarian and in a strong catholic way. Mostly I was the primus of the class, but my true possibilities were not sponsored.



But the situation got better in the junior high school of Wanne - Eickel year for year.
Here we lived through the folwer - power time of the late 60ths and the shrill 70ths.
In the yera of 1975 I passed here my German abitur:


But my following studies at the Ruhr - university of Bochum failed because of my very hard rising extreme overweight.

For a time of 15 years I hadn´t only litte social contacts and I lived in a very lonesome way.





Here you can see my first motor car, I possed it 13 years long.


After the death of my father in 1975 I cared for my blind grandma Auguste till she died in 1993 at the age of 90 yeras.

So my grandma was well cared an also I made my litte fortune.




In the yera of 1981 mother and I moved to this new condominium - suite in Herne.

The finally farewell of my olg parents home was very hard for me.


At the end of 1989 the problems of my overweight had nearly been solved and so I intended to study journalism at the universitiy of Dortmund.

Because of the annexion of the GDR (East Germany) in 1990 I intended to emigrate to Canada and so the studies became senseless.

After the death of mother and grandma in 1993 I retired into obscurity again - but that should be a great mistake.

During the time it became more and more difficult for me to find a professional orientation.
I worked for a wholesale firm, for a partnership institute, for an assecurance firm and for a real estate company.
But everything of them was really not the right thing for me...
In 1996 I joined a MLM business and so I got to know a lot of new people I like and I left my obscurity forwewer.
But I couldn´t earn money by the MLM business and so I intended to make my old passion, the journalism, to my new profession. In the year of 1999 I published my first book by myself. But meanwhile I concentrate my business to publications in the internet.



I got also a lot of new friends by the sport I make since 1998.

Because of my tv- and press publications I stood in public at once.

An old girl of the St. Marien primary school called me , because she read the article of the Westgerma General Newspaper. We had seen us for the last time 35 years ago.

In the year of 2002 I also joined the music - business, let´s see what will be happen in future!

I think I can arrange music to jounalism in a very fine way.



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