Joachim Kossmann: My attitude to money

I ´m a good European and so I don´t sorrow about the old D - Mark, but this chapter shall deal with substancial questions indeed.


Joachim Kossmann

Everybody who says that money is not an urgen matter has millions of Euros at his bank account, is living like Robinson Crusoe on a lonely island or he is a big lyer.

I ´m a journalist and musician. I have to earn money by my work, therefore I ´ve not got a big fortune. Nobody can work in a free of charge way, because everybody wants to exist.


I ´d done several different jobs in earlier times: The selling of real estates, the mediation of partners, mediation of insurances, fonds for investments, sredits and multi level marketing. I planned to open an own restaurant.ungen sind kläglich gescheitert.


...becaus I ´d only the idea to earn money! I thought to do this work for a few years, earn a lot of money, and then I can do what I want und I will be free!

But even the matters had been successful, I ´d had to pay a high price for it. A work doing only in the intention to earn money will drive you ill, a especially if you are an intellectual and artist - like man!

I financed the edition of my first book with a litte heritage.

Now, the book shouldn´t become a great economical succes for me. My methode of loosing your body - weight without being on a diet is respected and serous at all, but to respective for most people. They do only want to take pills and hope all problems will be solved by themselves.

But even I made the mistake that other people couldn´t get an economical advantage from my book. It is really very difficult to do one´s matter without the help of other people, and they will only help you, if they can earn money too.

But I ´ve noticed, that I ´m on the right way. Journalism is a very responsable and pretentious work - just even a work I do not onlybecause of money.


The tv and different print medias reacted very interested in my story.

But after a big article about me had beenpublished in the Westdeutschen Allgemeinen Zeitung (West German General Newspaper) in a circulation of1,2 millions copies, I got the first anonymous threatenings. But I can recognize voices in a very good way, I know the identitiy of the caller. is rediculous, becaus it is the same man who had blamed me for my professional unsuccess.

Some people undervalue my engegement for the international freethinker - movement, and say my intention was not to reach the idealistic aims of religious freedom but only to earn money, because I ask for smart money for people like me who had been disabled by their religious education from the churches during their childhood.

I want to be honest - money is the matter! But the church is also depending from money. The church is only interested in people, if they do not pay for the churchly porposses. A user wrote me, the church is taking care about him since he ´d left the church in order to force him to pay church - taxes again.

A drunken car driver has to pay a fine - but this law wouldn´t have been passed in order to fill the stately account. Money has got an very hig educational worth! Our car driver will not drive his car in future, when he will have drunke alcohol. That´s the most urgent public interst.


But now I found my love to the music in the year of 2002.

I think I can be successful as an lyrik - author at least.


...but altough I ´m removed from success for a very long periode, the first grudgers came up!

A long termed friendship broke. Some persons - I know their names - make campains of calumnies against me in my internet guestbooks for several years.

I was also attaced by some people because I work together with Kurdish people, who manage this event center in Herne.

Foreigners who come to the EU in order to be cared in the financial way have to be judged.

But people who really want to work for their own and the others benefit will be attacked in the same way - it´s all the same whter they are Germans or foreigners. SO we will demage our country.



Living is difficult at all. The unsuccessful man is dishonored to be a parasite of the social sytheme. The sucessfull man is also being hated. I ´m sitting betwenn two chairs. But if you are an artist you will be a public person and you cannot hide your success or unsuccess.

It will not be possible to make it right for all people, and so I ´m not trying to do so. I remain myself and continue my work in the traditional way.

Ihr Joachim Kossmann

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