My offer to you:
Translations from English to German language and general journalistic services.
Partners to produce secular country - music wanted!

Dear Ladies and Gentelemen,
there are about 100 millions of German speaking persons in the middle of Europe. German ist the most spoken language in West Europe still today. Further there a lot of people who are speaking German as their only foreign language in the former communistic states of Eastern Europe.

Although English is the most important language of the world today, the German language remains to be considerable.

Professional interpreters are rather expensive, but I can offer translations to you for very modest prices.

Joachim Kossmann

I can solve your problem:

Translations for articles, manuals, instructions, private and commercial letters, advertising leaflets and so on. I work for firms and private persons.
Please tell me your wishes via e mail , your apply for information will be noncommittal self evident. Prices from 20 US $.
Sie schreiben selbst Texte in deutscher Sprache?

Wenn Sie unsicher sind, ob auch alles einwandfrei in Ordnung ist, korrigiere ich Ihre Texte gerne für Sie.
Fordern Sie bitte bei mir ein unverbindliches Angebot bei mir an via e mail! Preise ab nur 10 US $.

You want to corrext textes written in German language? Please ask me via e mail ,
prices from only 10 US $.

Translations free - of - charge in order to propagate the freethinking - movement worldwide:

If you want to publish a text translated to the German language in your atheistic website, I will work for our comm
on ideals in a free - of - charge way.
In this case please add links in your website to my websites,,, and
Please sent me your text and ask me for further information via e mail .

Mailing address:
Joachim Kossmann
Vinckestr. 49
D 44623 Herne
West Germany

Tel. +49 2323 10382 / 917288
Fax. to be asked
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Do you want to get some information about European and especially German themes? Do you need photos?

I further offer poems, songs, fictional and reality script of each kind.

For more information please tell my yor wishes via e - mail!


American country - music is popular whole over the world today. Some song writers also produced songs in other languages, for example in German: Ich möcht´ so gern Dave Dudley hör´n! (I want to listen to Dave Dudley)

But my love belongs to the original American music. But it is regrettable that just the most beautiful songs are loaded with religious themes. We atheists may not resign of this very urgent mass - media. And so I ´ve secularized every song I interprete on public scenes in West - Germany. The textes were changed in a very inconspicuous way. So the charme of the originals will be preserve.

But I ´m going to produce songs of my own now. You can listen my very first songs already at once.

If you are interest in this theme, please tell me your opinion via e - mail!