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Joachim Kossmann
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WEBSITES: (Site about the Ruhr - district with more than 2000 pictures) (Violations of human rights in Germany of today, in German and English language) (simplified version of, only published in German language) (the ultimative satire - site)


"Wie ich ohne Diät mein Gewicht halbiert habe"
(How I lost half of my weight without being on a diet) published only in German language, click here for further information.

All pictures in this website are made by me or rather come from my private photo archives. I thank the Bochum Gelsenkirchener Tramway joint - stock - company for the allowance to reproduce its old schedule, further the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung and the BILD Zeitung for the allowance to reproduce the articles.
Joachim Kossmann
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