A photo of the early 50ths: Aunt Lotte from America.

She worked as a secretary in a lorry - factory on Ohio. We heard from her for the last time in 1957 when I was two years old.

This is the only memory picture of her.

The realationship between Germany and America has always been problematic. The relative majority of the citizens of the USA have got German forefathers. During the First Worl War Germans were persecuted in the USA and Canada. The most of the town which had gotten German names were renamed.

But the Nazis polarized also the USA. But the anti - Nazis came over and accepted even an alliance with the hated communistic and atheistic Sovjet - Union.

The USA became a model for a lot of Europeans, the country was idealized, what surely was a mistake. The mighty US motor cars impressed - the car on the picture above was likely cheaper than a Volkswagen - Beetle at us - , so that nearly everybody could afford it. Color - tv sets, nylon stockings and later the moon rockets impressed us Europeans.
But the war of Vietnam damaged the respect of the USA. But there had never been at all a real anti - Americanism in Germany. The good America was always respect, even by its greatest reviewers. The American culture influences our lives, for exampel by the American music, movie - pictures and tv - soap operas.

I have got new contacts to the USA since 2001 when my American version of my website came online. I think Americans can´t understand my themes, because I have nearly only got positive answers from the followers of the American freethinker - movement, but average people react in a very astonished way. People cannot understand why I criticize the grievances in the Federal Republic of Germany of today. A naive patritiosmis seems to be still normal in the USA. The US patriots idealize the USA like we Europeans have done in former days.
Europeans emigrated to America because of economicaI troubles or because of their political or religious persecution in former times. But that are not solved problems of the past. I also see by myself no further exostence for me in the Federal Republic of Germany because of my experiences with the authorities.


But the land of my dreams is Canada:
Magnific wides, a fascinating nature and a population which is almost more European than the USA.

What do you want more? It ´s a dream to get away from the narrow of Europe. But I need a liberal people in order to live a happe and satisfied life. The best country of Europe are the Netherlands in this regard.
So everybody has to work for rising up the liberal way of thinking worldwide.

I ´m willing to accept the challenge in Canada!