What´s the advantage oif an sportive body, if you don´t develope him?


The sport lessons at the catholic St. Marien Volksschule (primary scholl) i visited were not important.

The teacher critized at all that my father took me to the swimming bath before the lessons took place. The teacher said, I should better care about the subject matters, altho I was the best pupil of the class.

At the Jungengymnasium Wanne - Eickel (junior high scholl) we got standard sport lessons with any respect to the individual possibilities and differences of our bodies.

I should have been sponored in a special way, because lite athletics are not the right way for me.

The sport only caused frustration and so my eating disorder rose up.

I neglected the hated sport after the end of my school time, but then I found my love to the tennis play. I bought a tennis - racket and somewhere I found some old balls. I rented several times with my friends a tennis court at the holiday park in Gelsenkirchen or at Herne. We didn´t played well, but we were enthusiastic of the sport. But, if you want to play tennis, you willdepend on other people, and that´s worse. The following winter finished my sportive activities at all. What´s a pitty!




Now it should follow some years of physical inactivities. This picture was taken in 1979, I was 24 years old, and it shows my typical behaviour at that time.

In the year of 1981 my mother and I moved to Herne in a smaller freehold apartment. The narrownes of the apartment was terrific for me and so I started to go outside.

My first walks should make only a few hundreds of meters to the neaby parc. But that was the beginning.

I ´d never got problems to be able to handle my very high body - weight, because of my stron and athletich body - constitution. Especially my legs are very strong and powerful.

...and si I started to make more and more and longer walks. When I ´d overcome my extremely body weight a few years later - here you can see a photo from 1990 at the age of 35 years - I could make walkings up to 10 - 15 km without any problems.

Then I superseeded the walkings by lite joggings - speed is not important for me -, and so today I reach tours up to 20 km and more.

But that should not be enough...Auf die Dauer reichte es aber nicht.

I got somebody to known by adavantage, who made bodybuilding, and I was fascinated by this sport at once. At 1998 septembre I started my training in a fitness studio in Bochum (photo at the left side) At the mjeantime I ´ve been training for ten years, and it becomes more and more problematic for me to find a studio which likes hardcore bodybuilders.

My right upper arm makes 47 cm at all. Here you can have a look at my training in Wattenscheid.
But sport is a matter of your individual feelings and thinkings, and men don´t think in a rationaly way at all. You should visit a sport studio by yourself and make up yopur own opinion. Listen to your feelings, and you will get it. ...or not.
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