My way to atheism

The aim of my work is:
* The separation of state and church
* The end of the stately church - financing by church taxes - subsidies, and abjudication fiscal exemption from taxes and the neglection the churches were being non - profit making organizations
* The abjudiction of all churchly privilegs
* The financial reparations for people who had been suffer by the religion and church, especially during their childhood

In this site you can read something about my privatel matters.

Joachim Kossmann

You may ask, what is the conection with atheism and the stork who brings the little children?

But lets habe a look at the beginning. When I was a child I had quite a normal children´s believe. I believed in the stork, who brings the little children, in the dear God, who is allmighty and is the creator of the universum and life, in Jesus, who had sacrifed his life in order to solve us, in angels, in the holy spirit, in the heaven, in living after the death, and in the reincarnation in the paradise.

...but I also believend in original sin, the mortal sin, the devil and the eternal damnation.

I thougt that everything harmonized in any way very well. Obviously the stork fetches the little children high above in heaven from the dear God who had made them, and then the stork takes the children to their parents on the earth. Storkx can fly at all.

I believed in everything the grown up people had telled me, I believed that everything is true in reality. Why should my parents, other elder relativs, kindergartner, teacher or our clergyman at all telling me lys? The grown up people knew everything better than we unskilled children.

...but at the one side the matters were quite very well. If am a Christ, I can life forewer, I can join the paradise and life their forewer in carelessness and welfare. But at the other side I had taken respect not to join the hell. The possibility to get the eternal damnation caused sorrows. But if I stay religious all over my life, I mustnot fear the hell. But, who knows...

Than my little sister Christiane was born. Pardon, I want to say, she was brought by the stork. My mother showed me a big liver - spot on her calf and told me she was bitten by the stork, when the animal brought my sister.

Why should mother lelling lys?

But my little sister died already as a baby. "Now she is an angel in the heaven. It was God´s will that she had to die young. You can interprete God´s will. We only know that God is very kind, friendlich and good."

But indeed, our neighbor who used to drown his little new born cats in the water-butt wasn´t being punished and was allowed to live longer. I guessed what kind of crime my sister should have been committed in order to die so early.

"Everybody is guilty, already because of the original sin!" Very well, if I have done some mistakes or faults, I would be willing to take responsibility for my behaiviour. But why should ! and millions of other people be punished, only of cause somebody had ignored God´s orders milleniums ago?

That´s unfair! I did want to accept this matters. Soon I got the first doubt that Christianity is a good religion in reality.

....then I feeled that religion is often something inconveniuence. I joined the Volksschule (primary school), and there we had to pray several times a day, once a week the school service and on sundays the normal service of the parish. In one month of the year there were additional rosary services once a week. Besides them I had to make confession, take part at boring processions and go to the first holy comminion.

...but what shall one do for his saints?

I grew up and I interested me for my environment. We were attended with miracles everywhere at all. I could hear the voice of a man from our radio, although there was no man in the radio. Our car drove without being pulled by horses. During the winter snow fell and during the summer the weather was warm. Sometimes the moon was shining and sometimes not. Why? Questions about questions, and I started to look for answers.

...and the grown up people were very engaged to answer my questions as good as possible. There were little explosions in the engine of our car pushing the pistons, the power is given by the transmission and a cardan shaft to the axe, and the car is running. High tide and low tide are caused by the gravitation of the moon.

All the question I ´d asked were be answered on a rational way.

But if I asked questions for the theme "religion and church" I should only get to know silly ayings.

My evangelical mother: "Ask your father, catholic people do konw everything much better."
My catholic father: "I ´d been working all over the day in order to buy playthings for you. I want to recreate!"
My catholic grandma (born in 1890): " It will be sin to ask questions of such a kind!" That´s all.
A relative, who studied evangelical theology at that time: "I have to go to the restroom."

I was very unsettled. Why do I get no answers to my questions? Did somebody want to keep something secret? Why???

I grew up and my parents thought that the time had being coming to informe me about sexual matters. The story about the stork is not right at all, in reality little babys are born in another way.

I was astonished. Why did the grown ups tell lys to me? The said: " Children cannot understand such things, therefore they were told the story about the stork."

And now I was lightened, because it seemed to be clear that the stories about God and Jesus also were not true at all. That´s only a children´s belief till they reach the age of ten years. That should be all.

"Oh no! God and everything elsewhere of religion we ´d teached you are existing in reality! You have to believe in it as long as you are living," so the grown ups said..

But now I wanted to answer this questions in any way. Why do I am catholic insted of evangelic? "Because your father is a catholic. Your father is a catholic, because his father was a catholic too and so on. There was a law in the Middle Age that everybody has to accept the religion of his sovereign. If somebody didn´t want to accept, he was allowed to emigrate. All members of the Kossmann family are catholic since that time at all and also you have to baptiste and educate your later children in the catholic way!" That should be the only reason?!

But what´s the matter with the evagelic student of theology? Can´t he come into the heaven after his dead? "Surely, he will come into the heaven too!" But what´s the reason that he is evangelic and not catholic? "That´s the same why I´d told you. He is evangelica, because his father was evangelic.

The religion is passed on from generation to generation like a hereditary disease you cannot stand. The later living in the heaven was perhaps like a tour in a railroad waggon. The first class is reserved for the catholics and the second class for the evangelics. But at that early 1960ths the first turkish people came to Germany, and they had got a quite different religion at all. I ´d watched on tv who buddistic monks burnt themselves in order to protest against something. Each church and each religion published something different matters, but who of them was right at al???


Now I intendent so solve this problem, because I wanted to become sure in religious matters. After this time I ´d been busy in religion.

The contradictions of the statements of the different religious communities proved, that no one of them can be right. The crimes committed by nearly every religious communities in the past and todaydisproved religion to be something useful and positive for people.

My parents feared me to become an atheist. They wanted to stop this development after they had failed to force me to go to church on sundays by physical violence. "You may become evangelic. The evangelic persons don´t take in earnest their religion and they must not go to church on sundays."

But what shall I do with a "lite religion"? I noticed very quickly that the grown ups were really not interest in my supposed spiritual welfare. "What shall think our neighbors? Your father is a church - architect, therefore you have to go to church! You only can give up the religious lessons at school, if you are a very good pupil, otherwise you cannot be albe to afford it."


Then my parents forbid me to success from the church, because a relative of mine studied theology at that time.

"If you move to another town later where nobody knows us, you can leave the church still jet!"

Our family was destructes by quarrels caused by the religion forerwer. This fact is indeed not implorable any longer in my case, but I ´m engaged that other people can miss this fate in future.

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