Sexual continence / Asexuallity

It seems that I ´m a man who is difficult to criticized for the others. So I have ever lived in the whole of my life - today I ´m 47 years old old - in sexual continence.

The most simple explanation would be that I have invented this story in order to make public relations with it. It is sure that most men are pretending with their sexual experiences by overdoing extremely. It would hurt her individual habit to do the opposite thing. But I also feel myself to be a real man and I ´m proud of my - in realitiy existing! - enourmos muscles and abundant hairs at the thorax. I ´m proud of my athletic structure of body, to be a beautiful man and I love to look at myself in the mirror. As far as I do not differ myself from other men. But my very hight sexaul power is only troublesome for me...

Sexuality is absolutely unimportant for me. After my own intention I would have nerver tell something about this theme in public. But Herr Thomas Schweres of RTL television asked me in 1999 when we made television pick - ups at the Lake of Baldeney in Essen. I wondered that this theme was interested for other people.

But also the normal explanations are failing. I had never been sexual misused when I was a child. I never had other negative experiences which might blocked my sexuality. Even my former extreme overweight did not play a part. Overweight does not influence sexuality. In cases when it is not possible to make sexuality because of "technical reasons", the wants for sexuality are more significant. But that was never the case by me. Ethical or religious causes for sexual continence are to be excluded by me naturally.




Everything started with the stork which brings the little kids...

...but is that true at all?


I didn´t konw anything about sexuality when I was a child. The little children are brought by the stork. My mother had abig liver spot at her upper - leg and she told me the stork had been bitten her when it brought me. Why should mother lie?

But I have not ever been interested in this theme at all. As I was a child I had never seen a naked grown up person. It is sure that my education was very prudish in relation to standards of today, but I didn´t konw at all the meanig of "uncheste", when the teacher used this term. When I got my first erection I was shocked and I thought to be ill.

Sexuality had never been a theme in my parent´s home. The biology - lessons at scholl were too much theoretical, so that I couldn´t identify myself with it. I was informed about sexuality through the children´s television. I felt myself to be disgusted with sexuality and couldn´t understand that other people like it. My position to this point has never been changed till now and I ´m sure that I will never change my opinion all over the rest of my life. I have never felt sexual wants.

But platonic friendships to women are not excluded, that is self evident. But I make the condition that the woman has to agree that a sexual relationship will not be possible.

There are a lot of people who know me and can testify that I ´m telling the truth. Some envy me because of my sexual continence. They say at the beginning sexuality had been very magnific, but later sexuality became only a troublesome duty. I should be happy because of my sexual continence...

I am happy because it...

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