What for a man I am


when you are reading this website you will be surprised.

My life is very excentric, I ´m a man being inclined to extremes as both in acting and in leaving off.

I was inactive in a physical way for more than 30 years, but today I make power sport. There are a lot of overweight persons, but only a few of them have got more than 200 kg (440 LBS). I do not consume alcohol, no cigarrettes, no sex and no religion - I ´m really a very consistent man. I would have never got a small tattoo.

It´s sure that I ´m a very difficult man, also because of my mighty problems of my youth. My immense restrictions prevented that I could live a life I love. Therefore I missed a lot of nice things. But just the last years have proved, that I ´m able to develope myself in a positive way. Today I ´m feeling as well as never before in my life - not only because of music.

Till now I could never exhibit my intellectual and artistic abilities, but now a new part of my life is being starting. Journalism, music and sport will define the rest of my life, the crisis and rughnesses of the past will be overcome, and I ´m going to live a happy life. But I ´m not a superman - if you got your own problem, you can solve them. You are mighty too!




You must learn to find beautiful things in our invironment. This tree hitten by a flash is a real work of art.

To see the beautiness of your world is an important piece of quality of life. So the love to one´s surrondings is developing and makes a mighty part of quality of life, what ´s important for the worth of living. Only if you love yourself, you can find tolerance and feeling for other people and will be happy to contact them..



I wanted to get a little dog, when I was a child, but I had never get one.

The habit with animals is more easy, because animals are more simple than man and answer feelings in a clear way.

To take over responsibility and love fpr an animal can be a great piece of quality of life, but may not surrogate the contact to man.

But you should look for people who accept you too. You cannot only give, you must also take. Also for other it is very well to love you.

I try to be tolerant, fair and regardfulI of all other people.

But I want the same behaviour from the others.

Love I recieved I will retur, but I answer violence always with violence. I have learnt to enforce me.

Joachim Kossmann
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