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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

writing is my favorite occupation since my early childhood. And so I want to offer you my service for producing documentaries and scenarios for tv and movies, articles for newspapers and journals, lyrics and for the internet.

Please test my offer without any obligations. I ´m locking forward th hear from you.

Thanks in advance, your Joachim Kossmann

Articles for newspapers and journals:

Normally you can find foreign correspondents only in bigger towns like Berlin or Munich, but there you can mostly only discover the well known showpieces and cliches.
You will ofter hear on this side of the ocean that people are not really interested in European and especially German themes. Surely, the greatest problems of the past have been solved. Europe overcame war and misery forewer. But it´s not surely boring at our old continent, because there are happening a lot of surprising new things. I ´m living in the Ruhr - region in the north - western part of Germany nearby the Netherlands and Belgium which a catchment area of about 10 million people. Even Luxembourg and France are not far away. The Ruhr - region isn´t a typical German region at all, but more heterogeneous because of the lot of immigrants which were locking after employment in the prospering industry.


Essen - European Capital of Culture 2010

Change in structure: A lot of old industrial plants of the old steal- and coal industry in the Ruhr - region now have to be used elsewhere. We use the chance to develope a heterogenious cultural live.

<<< coal mine Zollverein in Essen Katernberg

Essen city --- a view from the suspended railroad Wuppertal --- castle Linn nearby Krefeld --- a view from the tower of the STEAG power station
--- an old bunker of the Second World War became the bease for a modern office building
-- further pictures on my site

Themes from the past up to the future, reports of the rising up European Union, news about cultural, political, social affairs and sport are waiting to become known. I don´t only offer you the normal official statements publishing by wire services but also background information of insiders about the real thinking and acting of people and the general this place. I ´m also not afraid to debate on taboo - themes and to report about negative points. It will be necessary to mediate a realistic view of Europe and especially Germany.

Further than you can propose any other themes you and your readers are interested in.

Please test my offer without any risk!
You can get my first article including some photos in a free of charge way without any obligations for you. All further articles cost between 50,-- to 100,-- Euros, depending from their proportion.




I have written a scenario for a tv - serie about 104 parts with the title "The Ruhrpottclan" . Other scenarios, especially satirics,but also documentaries will follow. The textes are only written in German language till now. But if you are interested the themes, please contact me!




I can also offer song textes for modern country - music in English language, textes in French language will follow!



Emendations of textes written in German language and translations into German language:

...for instruction books, private and commercial textes or for the internet, please tell me what you desire!



Photo servive of the Ruhr - region:

Do you want to get a special foto of our region, of a house, a street, a monument ore something else? Please tell me what can I do for you!



Please prefer the simpliest and fastes way to contact me via e mail:


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