Civil rights

Points of critics to the realitiy of the Federal Republik of Germany

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The general obligation to serve in armed forces

The state demands a lot of things to do by people. Everybody has to pay taxes and work for the state - with the exception of some appointed organizations of course. Everbody has to engage himself for the "democratic systhem" and has to become a soldier and must die in case of emergency the death of a hero for his father land...

PRIVATE MATTERS: The early 1970ths - I was mustered for the German Bundeswehr in 1974 - were a very strong polarizing time. The awful remembrances to the Second World War were represented to the elder people in a very strong way. But at the other side the paroles of some like left circles like "BETTER RED THAN DEAD" were not accepted too. The very new politics to the east of the new SPD / FDP West German Government of chancellor Willi Brandt should be a contribution for the end of the cold war.

Surely, at that time there were a lot of nuclear bombs in Europe, but this situation was threatening in a very abstact way. But the sword of Damocles for younger people was more the threatening introduction to military services.

But at that time the German Bundeswehr (army) had a big choice because of the excess of births in the 1950th´s age classes. Seemingly dead persons were not accepted. Even some players of the German soccer Budesliga (highest class in this sport) were not fit for the military. And so it was easy for me to be not accepted for the army because of my extreme over weight.

If you denie the military - service in West Germany, you habe to make a civil service for example in hospitals, in the fire - brigade or in homes for the aged. But it was no question for me to denie also the civil service. I ´m al liberal person and we neglect all kinds of compulsary work, if there are not good reasons in a case of emergency, but that had never been the case.

And so you and the rest of mankind should never see me in a very chic uniform of the German Bundeswehr...

Now, surely the situation of the world has been really changed since the early 1970ths. The cold war threatening Europe for decades could be finished. The whole of Europe from Portugal to the Ural is an the way to finally peace and freedom. The old frontiers disappear or will disappear. Germany had lost its enemies for the first time during the 1200 years of German history. And now the new situation causes chaos by the politicians. "A lot of enemies are a lot of honor", this aphorism is out. And now you could abolish the army at all. The army costs a lot of money indeed, bot you can never know... If there is nothing more to do in Europe, one can make war something elsewhere out of Europe by the order of the USA.

But today it would be possible to abolish the general obligation to serve in the army. But then there would be not enough young men you can exploit for the civil services. Such unpleasend work has to be done also. But do we need stately force to get people to do so? Why does the German state not prefer work in a volunteer way? Elsewhere things are runnig at this way with succes.

No separation between church and state in Germany

If you want to protest against this statement, I have to tell you, that there is an separation of church and state in Germany in a formal juristic way, but de facto this demands were not respected. The state finances the churches by subsides and calls in church - taxes. The state finances religious lessons from the kindergarten up to the university, the state guarantees the churchly privileges beginning by the still relatively harmless church bell ringing up to the immens infringements of the law for the disadvantage of their employes in the churchly tendeny establishments. Remember that the church is the second largest employer in Germany and the church misuses its power.

But who is being afraid of whom? Is the state afraid of the church? Does the German state prefer to pay money to the churches in order to hinder the church to mix in public and political affairs like in the USA? But in fact, the German churches are lazy in active. A German catholic or evangelic clergyman would never be intended to speak to me in the pedestrian zone beacuase of his religon. But his collegue from the Mormons from the USA had done so in a relatively often way.

But who is being afraid of whom? Does the church fear about its existence, if the state will not care about the church in a artificial way any longer? I think that´s is the reason, because the church cannot exist by its own power. What do you think why a German was elected to be the new pope? That was adesperate failed attempt to preserve the German christianity, mayby the last marching - off up to the final end of the European christiantiy.

The persecution of people because of religous or political reasons, violations of the freedom of speech in the Federal Republic of Germany

The freedom of speech guaranted by the German constitution also allows the publishing of objective false statements. Otherwise you have to forbid religion for example. But at the other side the publishing of some determined false statements is forbidden unwelcome by the authorities, for example the denial of the Nai genozide. But principially you could punish statements like "Turkish people go away". The German laws are very pragmatic. "The public peace has to be threatened", or with other words: If there is nobody interested for the statements, it will be quite harmless. Arbitrary actions are used, critizens are criminalised insteat of duskuss with them. Why and of whom is our German state being afraid? Does the state miss arguments for the good matters? Than the stat would prove its own incapacity. A legal state has to stand critical people.

But you might think that there is no persecution in the Federal Republic of Germany caused by religious reasons. If you evade church taxes, it will be a criminal act like to evade stately taxes. If you don´t pay the fees for your sport club, it will be only a question of the civil right. If you are an employer, you will be forced to call in church taxes from your employes. Please imaganie, somebody would force the the descendants of the victims of the concentration camps to collect money for suffering old Naizis. ...why do you want to be always angry? A little bit of joy is okay at all. You can visit a circus for example, but your are not allowed to do so on Good - Friday. The sentiments of the Christian holidays could be damaged for the sensitive Christs. If you play the stately lottery, you pay fees for your health insurance or compulsory fees for your tv - set, the confessional kindergarten and taxes for schools and really everything, the church will get money at every time. ...payed by everybody!

Started by the prohibition of the SPD (social democratic party of Germany) during the Bismarck - periode at the end of the 19st century, the prohibition of the NSDAP (Hitler party) in 1923, the prohibition of the SRP (the successors of the Nazi party) in 1952, the prohibition of the KPD (communistic party of Germany) in 1954 up to the endless discussions of a prohibition of the NPD (rightest populistic party) - it will not be a solution to forbid unpleasend organizations. All experiences of the past prove so. At the other side thre were a lot of goog reasons to forbid some "democratic" parties or organisation, please now act!

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